As a part of the mission of Bethany United Church of Christ, we desire to make our building and grounds
available to our members and the community. It is our goal to ensure that the building, grounds and
equipment are used safely for the greatest good for all concerned.

Please send all questions and forms to

Making Arrangements


A. Please check the church calendar on our website ( to confirm that the space you
wish to use is available on the day you wish to use it. If you cannot access the calendar, contact our
Facilities Manager ( or 330.923.5277) to discuss availability of dates/space.


Click here for our pricing list.


B. Complete the Request for Building Use form here and return it, with a $100.00 Security Deposit, to the
Bethany office (Bethany UCC, 1235 Broad Blvd, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223). The form can be found on
our website, or you can request that it is emailed to you. Note: The space is not reserved until we
receive and process your Request for Building Use form and deposit.


C. The Facilities Manager will process the form. This will include:
       1. Confirmation of space/time availability.
       2. Determination of categories of use (member or nonmember etc.) and appropriate fees
       3. If your application is approved, the Facilities Manager will then provide you with a Building Use
          Agreement that includes a listing of the appropriate fees and the Building Use Checklist. Note: The
          Building Use Checklist must be completed at the end of the activity and returned to the office with
          the building key (if borrowed). Failure to return the Building Use Checklist and key results in
          forfeiture of Security Deposit.

       4. A signed Building Use Agreement form with appropriate fees paid must be on file in the church
           office two weeks prior to your event.



A. Building
        1. The following areas of Bethany are available for use: Sanctuary (worship, lectures, concerts,
            recitals), Gym, Social Hall, Gathering Area, Lounge, possibly Specific Classrooms below the Social Hall
            (that are not used in Faith Formation), Parking Lots.

        2. Fees for facility use are divided into four categories:
             Current Church Groups and Staff
             Church Members and Community non-profit groups
             For-Profit Groups (businesses)
             Note: Membership is determined by the listings in the Bethany Directory.

         3. General building policies:
              a. Requests for any For-Profit (business) use of church property must be cleared through Council.
              b. A room(s) rental requires use of only certain parts of the building. The responsible party should
                  insure that the group confines their activities to those assigned areas.
              c. All non-church program events held at Bethany Church shall be over by 12:00 midnight.
              d. A staff or church member(s) will be assigned to be present for your event (an Event Monitor) if
                  determined necessary by the Facilities Manager.
              e. Groups using the church facilities are responsible for cleaning the rooms used at the end of
                  their event. If the rooms are not returned to their condition prior to the event, deductions may
                  be made from the Security/Key Deposit.
              f. You must supply your own tablecloths (plastic or cloth), dish towels, paper products, and dish
                 detergent, if used.
              g. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, firearms and other weapons are not permitted on church
                 property. Smoking or vaping is not allowed in any part of the church building.
              h. Fund raising events can include auctions or raffles (and 50/50 draws), but no other games of
               i. If it is necessary to require a group to give up their meeting time to serve a larger purpose (eg.
                  unexpected funeral), every effort will be made to resolve the conflict to the satisfaction of all.
                  However, it must be understood that church activities have priority.
               j. During the Seasons of Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter, rentals will be limited. No non-
                  church activities will be scheduled during Holy Week or immediately before Christmas.
               k. For reasons of safety and fire codes, open flames are not permitted. Battery candles may be
               l. Each group is required to provide childcare for any minors that they allow in the building. The
                  church is not liable for injury to or building damage by any unaccompanied minors.
              m. Upon request from the church, the organization and/or contact person agree to furnish the
                   Church with a certificate of liability insurance naming Bethany United Church of Christ,
                  employees, officers, volunteers and agents as additional insured.
              n. Bethany UCC, by approving use of its facilities, does not endorse or sponsor the event.


Care of Property and Equipment
1. Property
      a. The area used shall be left in the same condition as it was found. A Building Use Checklist will
          be provided for each use of the church building.
      b. All keys are the property of the church and are only assigned to the responsible party reserving
          the event. These keys shall not be duplicated and shall be returned to the church office after
          the event.
      c. The Security Deposit may be returned upon receipt of the Building Use Checklist and key and
          review of the building condition by the Facilities Manager. You may be responsible for the cost
          of repair of excessive damage or additional cleaning.
      d. Groups wishing to serve food as part of the event may do so in certain church rooms, provided
          that arrangements have been made at the time of application. Note: Food and drink are not
          allowed in the sanctuary. Applicant assumes responsibility for enforcing this rule.
      e. No signs, posters, pictures, or any other item may be affixed to the walls or ceiling using tape or
          nails. Bulletin Boards and tripod stands are provided for such use. All decorations must be
          removed immediately after the event.
       f. City fire regulations are to be observed.

2. Equipment
       a. Sanctuary piano and organ and the Social Hall piano require special permission to be used.
       b. Only music-related objects are allowed on the piano or organ (eg. no water-filled vases).
       c. Sanctuary audio/video equipment shall only be operated by Bethany’s Technology Coordinator,
           or by another Bethany member that he designates for the event.

3. We ask you to please show respect and care for Bethany Church – it is a home for our church
family, and a place where members of the extended community can celebrate meaningful

Welcome to Bethany!

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