Bethany Partners with the Stradch Church (Lviv region) to Provide

Direct Food Aid to War Refugees in Ukraine


Since February 2022, The Stradch Church (The Greek Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary), has welcomed war refugee families to live in their retreat center, providing them with housing and all the basic necessities including three meals per day, medical and psychological care, etc. Currently they have well over 55 residents, 20 of whom are children between the ages of 5 months and 16 years. These families come from areas of Ukraine where there is heavy fighting. Many are traumatized. Some do not have homes to return.


Bethany will raise funds each month to feed these war refugees.  Currently it costs about $ 5,100 per month for food for the refugees (about $ 1.00 per person per meal). 

The Stradch Church (The Greek Catholic Church

of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Stradch Church Thank You Video

Recent Updates from Stradch Church

The Stradch Church is now housing and caring for 62 people who have been displaced by the war. The Lviv region has recently become the target of missile strikes on civilian and infrastructure targets (especially the electrical grid).  Extended periods without electricity and water coupled with the sounds of explosions further torment already traumatized people who fled to Stradch for safety.


The need for shelter for additional refugees is causing Stradch Church t

ponder how to make space for even more families who are looking for

shelter and safety.  


In the face of Stradch Church's courage, resourcefulness and unwavering commitment to feed, clothe, shelter and support those who are suffering due to this cruel war, we continue to pray for peace with justice and send funds each week to cover the cost of food for the refugees.  Please help us to meet our goal of sending $1,275 each week so the Stradch Church has one less thing to worry about. They are doing the hard work - we need to have their backs.


With love and fierce determination,



PS - Thanks to your generosity, we have met our target of sending $1,275 every week since the end of July.  Your love and commitment is amazing!


Cooking hot meal outdoors over open fire after Lviv comes under attack and power and water are out (10.10.22)

Here is how you can help them:

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Memo box:  Please specify: Ukraine Appeal


Please note: All donations will go to feed the war refugees living at Stradch Church.

This year for Easter, many things had changed for the Stradch Church, as told here in a news story by Fox News.

For More Information: 

Contact Pastor Kim Mislin Cran (  Both can be reached at 330.923.5277.

Message of Thanks from Stradch Church

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How did Bethany Connect with the Stradch Church?

As Easter approached, Pastor Kim was looking for a video describing Ukrainian Easter customs that she could use during Story Time in Worship.  She found the perfect video of a young man, Taras Sabadash and his grandmother observing traditional Easter customs, including their trip to the Stradch Church.  Pastor Kim reached out to get permission to use the video in worship, and established a relationship with Taras.  He, in turn, told her how the Stradch Church had taken in the war refugees, and put her in touch with Pastor Ivan Koltun of the parish.  From there, they worked together so Bethany could partner with them in the care for the refugees.

Taras Sabadash and his Baba

What is the website for the Stradch Church?

Where are the refugees staying at the Stradch Church?

Due to the history of the area (much of it quite painful), the Stradch Church is a place of pilgrimage for Greek Catholics (known in the USA as Ukrainian Catholics).  Consequently the church had Pilgrim House, which is a retreat center.  This has been turned into housing for the refugees. Along with simple bedrooms, Pilgrim House has meeting rooms (where medical and psychological services are provided), and the basement has a kitchen and eating area the doubles as a bomb shelter.

Pilgrim House

Bedroom in Pilgrim House

How much has Bethany already sent to the Stradch Church?

In May Bethany sent a donation of $1,000 that was used to by kitchen supplies, including a much needed refrigerator.  In June we sent $ 1,200 that was used to buy food – the proceeds coming from our Cinco de Mayo fundraising dinner and donations.  As a small church, we know that we will be unable to raise  $5,100 per month alone, and hope that members of the community will partner with us in this outreach.

How else is Bethany Connecting with the Stradch Church?

Through weekly articles in the Connections Newsletter, congregants at Bethany are learning about life in Stradch, both for parishioners and for the refugees.  The Bethany Knitters group is knitting hats and peace dolls that will be sent to the refugees in the fall, and the Faith Formation (Sunday School) is developing ways for the young people at Bethany to connect with the young people who are now staying at the Stradch Church.

War refugees staying at the Stradch Church eating Easter Brunch together with the Stradch Church Clergy