Making A Financial Contribution to Bethany 


Below are four easy ways to contribute to the mission and ministry of Bethany:

Make your donation with PayPal

Make your donation by mailing a check

Send to: Bethany UCC Ukraine Appeal

              1235 Broad Blvd.

               Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

Give while you shop

If you regularly shop from Amazon, you can go to Amazonsmile and choose Bethany UCC to be your charity (process below).  Once you do this, most purchases from the Amazonsmile page will generate a donation to Bethany. 

Set up automatic payment

If you use Online banking, you can use your bank’s Bill Pay program to have your contribution automatically sent to Bethany.

Amazon Smile - how your Amazon purchases can provide contributions to Bethany!

Donate to Bethany while you shop! Just follow the directions below or use this link:

1. Log into your Amazon account

2. Go to the Account tab

3. Select Your Amazon Smile from the drop down

4. Go to change charity

5. Type in Bethany United Church of Christ – make sure it says Cuyahoga Falls

6. Then Select

7. When placing orders, go to

Since we enrolled with Amazon Smile in 2019, the church has received $293.57. Please enroll in Amazon Smile today – it is a simple way to generate funds for Bethany. If you have any questions, please email

For information on our special collection: The Ukraine Appeal

If you have any questions, please reach out to the church office at 330.923.5277.