Bethany United Church of Christ

1235 Broad Blvd.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223



God calls us into the church to accept the cost and joy of discipleship and to be God’s servants in the service of the whole human family. At Bethany Church, we reach out in service to those both near and far. We are a church that has a strong commitment to missions, both through our monetary gifts and personal service.


The Bible is the story of God’s love for us, expressed in steadfast love and faithfulness and abundant blessing.


We come together so that we can better serve God and others. We need each other’s gifts so that we can truly be “Christ’s body” and serve on his behalf in the world. We also need to nurture each other as servants, to discern each other’s gifts, invite each other to share them, trust each other as we seek to share, support, bear with, and forgive each other as we do. We need each other to challenge and inspire one another to give.


Bethany Church offers a host of opportunities to serve. We need your gifts. Just as important, if what Jesus has taught and shown us is right, you need to share them. There are so many ways to get started, from greeting, ushering, lay reading, singing or playing in a choir, or sharing with a class on Sunday morning, to working with the Property Committee to maintain our facilities, to serving meals at Bethany Kitchen, or welcoming guests from Family Promise. The list goes on and on. Whatever way you might want to serve, you can trust that you’ll be welcomed, encouraged, and supported. You can trust, too, that you’ll meet Jesus, and become a real part of his body, doing his work in the world.

In Our Community

Bethany Kitchen


Bethany Kitchen is the 3rd Saturday of every  month at 11:30.  Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are still figuring out a plan for future Bethany Kitchen dates.  Stay tuned and check back here!


Since 1991, we have provided free meals once a month for those in the community in need of nourishment and social interaction.  All are welcome!

Food that is served by the kitchen is obtained from the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank and other sources. Local grocery stores donate baked goods and occasionally baked goods are donated by members of the congregation. Individuals from the Bethany congregation who might wish to participate can do so by helping  to prepare the meal, serving and clean up.


Thank you!

Treasure Sale 

We will be holding our annual Treasure Sale this in the fall and we will be accepting donations soon. This gives you plenty of time to clean out your closets and make a box for the sale. 

We will not be accepting clothes, big TVs or computers/printers.  But do save your Parcheesi game, ukulele, old towels, books, toys, Barbie Dolls, and candy dishes.

As summer comes to an end, we will be announcing when drop off times will start. Just call ahead of time for drop off at 330.923.5277.

Happy Spring cleaning!

Good Neighbors

The purpose of Good Neighbors is to help families and individuals in times of crisis that are in  need with clothing, emergency food and support for over 61 years. Bethany UCC collects food, clothing and school supplies for Good Neighbors to distribute.

Bethany UCC collects  these needed items and delivers them to Good Neighbors weekly.


Family Promise of Summit County helps homeless families with children stay together, alleviate the trauma of homelessness and achieve sustainable independence.  Bethany UCC has hosted families for one week, five times a year for 14 years. 


Family Promise of Summit County is a network of faith organizations that provides shelter, meals, help with job search and supports homeless families. The network provides host congregations, where the clients remain for one week using the facility as a place to sleep and receive evening meals, breakfast, a packed lunch and transportation to and from work and school.